30 Seconds with me

Sarah Findlay – Employment specialist and Tutor – CV

An interview back when I started with Bracknell Forest Homes (which, now seems like a lifetime ago). A set of questions that I was asked and then the answers were put on the last page in the Monthly team brief (that no one reads and just judges on the picture, I’m sure). I took time to give creative answers, be different from everyone else but, whenever a conversation starts up in the office about man holes, if I am asked if I have children or if I watch Big Bang theory, it becomes very clear that my 30 seconds with interview was merely a filling the blank…..

However, I have achieved a lot in my time here so far and actually rather proud of myself.. I have achieved much more than the amount of hits on my 30 seconds with interview.  I love to make a difference in people’s lives and to make people, well. happy.

If I can leave the office at the end of the day knowing I have made a positive impact or difference in someone’s life, then I know I have done my job. I adore receiving an email from a customer, letting me know they got the job they really wanted after sending the CV I helped them with and practicing the interview techniques in the real thing and ace it!

My job is rather different to most jobs. It would be hard to give me a job title that included everything I do… Recruiter, Landlord, therapist, bank manager, P.A, friend, family and teacher, I coach people through their job search, increase confidence and self-esteem and love every moment of it, even the difficult times.

I am very lucky to enjoy my job as much as I do, to have a job where I can truly be myself.



Author: mindfulnessteachtutorlearn

Enjoying making memories and learning something new every day.

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