Sarah Findlay

Employment specialist I Tutor I Personal Development I Professional Training & Coaching I Mentoring I Tutoring Support

Bracknell Forest Homes

Thames Valley University

***Transforming lives, homes and communities***

Supporting people to gain confidence, independence and Employment.

Training, development, recruitment specialist and employment skills tutor providing bespoke recruitment advice and support in the community.

Actively involved in working with individual’s seeking employment support and liaising with the local business community in respect of their employment needs. Training and developing staff, bringing out the best in everyone and supporting the community within Bracknell Forest.

CV Workshops I Interview workshops I Confidence building I One to one support I Two hour employment advice sessions I Optimising your job search I LinkedIn beginner and advanced courses I
Support throughout job searching

***Investing in our communities***

Providing new homes, Being a good landlord,Promoting and supporting self-reliance in communities offering:

Digital and budgeting courses I Support young people and families I Activities and Volunteering

Working in partnership with local organisations to provide a better quality of life for customers.